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Welcome to Crazy-4-Animals

Hi. Firstly I would like to thank everyone for joining this group. Thanks everyone.

The group guidelines are as follows:
:bulletblue:German:… :bulletblue:Portuguese:…
:bulletblue:French:… :bulletblue:Polish:… :bulletblue:Italian:…
:bulletblue:Hungarian… :bulletblue: Spanish…


1. No pornographic or dead animals will be accepted. (The only exception to this is if it is a picture of a museum animal or museum bones.)

2. Submissions are limited to 2/per week.

3. Only members may submit their works. So please join 1st. :D

4. No STOLEN works. If caught submitting work that is not your own and you are trying to pass it off as yours, you will be BANNED.

5. No anthro or adoptables either please. No animals doing human-like things either. Thanks

6. Animals must be the obvious subject of any art. If we feel the animal is not, we will decline it.

7. All art must be your best work. Photos that are really out of focus and blurry, or the colors badly distorted will not be accepted. (Changing the colors for a more dramatic affect is fine. This only qualifies when it takes away from the shot.) Drawings must be neat and subject clear. (Example: a cat must look like a cat and not a blob etc. :) ) And so on and so forth. (I know not everyone is a perfect artist, and we are not looking for the best art. We just want to make sure that what is submitted is something others would like to see, and not just a random doodle.)

8. To make #7. fair you will now need 3 votes either to accept or decline a piece. With a group this large we cannot take time to respond to everyone, but if you are declined (Which I know won't be much.) you can always leave a comment asking why. We will try to respond in a timely manner.

9. Only the Admins and myself may add to the featured folder. This will be for our personal favorites. I am sure all of you will have something in there from time to time. :D

10. Because of how large the group has gotten, please make sure your works are submitted to the correct folders. If you are unsure where something belongs - ASK, we will gladly direct you to the correct folder. Things submitted into incorrect folders will be declined without redirection.

11. If anyone is RUDE, or DISRESPECTFUL to any of the Admins, fellow members or myself they will banned. I am not going to tolerate it at all, or from anyone. So please respect everyone here.

Watermarks..We reserve the right to decline an otherwise acceptable shot if,in our opinion the Watermark takes away from the shot,or our ability to view it fully.
Note:We accept that you have the right to protect your work,just please use (or place)Watermarks that don't detract from your work

Folder include:

Featured (Or Hall Of Fame) - This folder can only be added to by my Co-Founders and me. It is for our very best works of our members only.

Critique Please - Members my submit 1 work per month and a few will be selected and critiqued at the end of the month.

Butterflies and Insect Photography - All photography of any arachnids, insects, butterflies and the like.

Domestic Felines Photography - This folder is for all pet types, shelter, and stray felines.

Wild and Zoo Felines Photography - This folder is for all felines normally found in the wild.

Domestic Canines Photography - This folder is for all pet types, shelter, and stray canines.

Wild and Zoo Canines Photography - This folder is for all canines found naturally in the wild. Whether it be coyotes, wolves, or even foxes, they go here.

Domestic Animal :Misc: Photography - This folder is for all other domestic pets that do not fit into our other gallery folders.

Wild and Zoo Photography :Misc: - All other wild and zoo animals that do not fit into the other folders.

Bears, Panda, Red Pandas and Raccoons Photography - This folder is for all types of bears and pandas. Raccoons go here as well because they are close to red pandas so I felt it necessary for them to go into a folder with them.

Birds Waterfowl and Bats Photography - Any birds, penguins, bird that fly, bird that don't fly, if it is a bird it goes here.

Farm and Pasture Animals Photography - This folder is for all farm animals with the exception of birds. Horses, cows, pigs, and all other pasture and farm animals.

Fish and Aquatic Mammals Photography - All fish, dolphins, whales, hippo, otters, and the like. Any animal that spends the majority of their time in water.

Primates Photography - Any and all primate photography goes here.

Reptiles and Amphibians Photography - This folder is for all reptiles, snakes, and amphibians.

Cartoon and Mythological Animal - Any animals that do not look realistic or are not naturally found in nature.

Traditional and Crafty Animals - this folder is for handmade animals. Drawings and Painting must look like real natural animals. (Coloring doesn't have to be correct though.)

Digital Animals - any digitally created animals that look half way realistic.

Stamps, Animations, and Avatars - This folder is for animals related stamps, avatars, and animations.

If you have any questions please contact the folder manager. Manager info is located in the folder itself. Thanks.

I'm not trying to be harsh with any of you but the admins and I feel these guidelines are necessary to ensure the enjoyment of this group for all members. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us. Thanks and enjoy. :)
Posted on behalf of :iconpanda69680102:

Robber Fly by RichardConstantinoff
Tiger-Island by brijome Why would you want a garden gnome? You have me! by RavenMontoya
Little Gray Fox - June 2014 by CrystalMarine-Arts Windy Sara by Andenne
Nymphadora on the run by Pebels Growing in the field... by Wolfling01
Care For A Swim ? by suezn 'Gorillas in the Mist' by TADASHI-STATION
Bird by Littlycloud Home to be Free by TamarViewStudio
Seahorse II by TVD-Photography Green lizard^^ by SunSet93
Encounter by paintingblueturtles What's your story? by imajenink
Mates by Tikkaaa
Holiday's over, so Friday Features back on track!

Posted on behalf of :iconpanda69680102:

Moth up close by Cryostar1177
Ivan 5 by brijome Infinity by WishmasterAlchemist
On the Run by Chikrata With or without alcohol by KlaraDrielle
Stunning eyes by inu-chan-free Living On The Edge by kkart
Bundle of Raccoons by gRiM-sTrEaKeR Communication by papatheo
.:Wrong Way Round:. by LSouthern The Heart of Dartmoor by TamarViewStudio
enjoy your life by morho Literally by GraveyardCat
Meerkat Gang by AmBr0
JenniferIsaak wk8 2 by JenniferLoree Knobbed Hornbill by Nioell
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Please submit a link for the petition in a Note to the Admins and we will review it.  If it's something we can get behind we will post a journal on it.  If it isn't we will let you know.
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Sorry we do not allow petitions. Thanks for asking though.
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I wanted to ask if it would be possible to arrange less restrictive member level. My normal weekly output is 3-4 photos so you don't have to worry about being spammed and I believe that if you look into my gallery, you'll agree I won't bother your admins with trash.
Thanks for considering it.
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